Cloud Device Management - 4hours Briefing


Improve the security, manageability, and efficiency of your corporate devices with Intune. Ideal for businesses looking to move to centralized IT management and reduce operational costs.

Cluster Reply, part of Reply group, offers this 4-hour briefing that will delve into the advanced capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Intune, providing an in-depth understanding of how this cloud-based service can enhance and streamline your business operations, particularly in the realm of mobile device management(MDM) and mobile application management(MAM). We aim to take you on a journey through the real-world implementation of Microsoft Intune, demonstrating its practical applications and advantages within the broader context of Microsoft 365 services and Enterprise Mobility + Security(EMS). The briefing is divided into 3 main parts:

  • We will start with an overview of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, highlighting the interconnected services that support modern workplaces, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams. We'll then discuss EMS, focusing on its components such as Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and, principally in this briefing, Intune. Our discussion will emphasize how these services collectively provide comprehensive solutions for security, compliance, and productivity in a hybrid work environment.
  • In the second part, we deep dive into the world of Microsoft Intune by showing how it allows you to centralize IT management, reduce security risks, and increase your employees' productivity by giving them secure, controlled access to corporate devices and applications, anytime, anywhere. With Intune, you can easily deploy applications, configure security policies, manage all your devices from one intuitive platform and ensure a secure and up-to-date environment with the latest in cloud endpoint management. We will finish this part by showing how to practically set up Intune, device and applications policies and integration scenarios with other Microsoft services for unified endpoint management.
  • In the final part, we will explore two diverse scenarios where Microsoft Intune has been effectively implemented to address the unique needs of our values customers. These case studies demonstrate the versatility and significant impact of Intune in different environments, showcasing its ability to deliver tailored solutions, whether the aim is to enhancing security, streamline device management or support remote work. For each real-world application, we first introduce the organization and its challenges. We then present our tailored solutions and resulting outcomes. The briefing will conclude by introducing the innovative integration of Intune with Copilot for Security. This new feature provides formidable and precise insights and reports on managed devices, attributes, policy comparisons, issues, and more.

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