Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration - 4 Week Assessment


High-level migration strategy and assessment for migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

The objective of this engagement is to provide our Clients with a detailed understanding of the migration path from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. By conducting a thorough review of the Client’s existing Google Workspace tenant and content, Protiviti will develop a high-level source-content mapping document and a high-level migration strategy. This assessment is designed for organizations that are currently utilizing Google Workspace and are looking to migrate some or all their Google Workspace capabilities to Microsoft 365.


  • Assess Google Workspace Tenant and Microsoft 365 Tenant
  • Review existing Google Workspace tenant and understand configurations of environment. 
  • Review target Microsoft 365 environment to determine if it’s hybrid or cloud-only as well as understand if it’s an existing tenant or net-new. 
  • Identify and document applications that are dependent on Google Workspace integrations or configurations.

Migration Tool Recommendation

  • Analyze tenant content and review effort of the migration to determine which tool should be used to conduct the migration.
  • Depending on the size and complexity of the migration Protiviti will help the client determine which tool will be best for the effort: BitTitan, Microsoft Migration Manager, FastTrack, etc..

Source Mapping File

  • Protiviti will develop a high-level mapping file that will contain source-content only. This mapping file will be the foundation of the migration effort.
  • The addition of destination mapping locations may be added later but is not included in this initial assessment file. 

High-Level Migration Strategy

  • Protiviti will work with the client to determine the approach to migration activities such as pilot migration, batched user migrations and/or single all-user cutover effort.
  • Protiviti will assist the client in determining the users’ experience for the migration. Will there be new laptops, how will the new Microsoft 365 profile be established, what is the mobile device strategy, etc.?
  • Support the development of the migration communication approach and on-boarding for impacted users.


  • Tenant assessment finding document
  • Migration tool recommendation document
  • Source content mapping file
  • High-level migration strategy document

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