Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Roadmap - 6 Week Assessment


This engagement aims to provide a detailed discovery of the organizational readiness for a CRM implementation and the recommended roadmap to achieve the business objectives.

Dynamics 365 CRM is used by businesses of all sizes to streamline and automate their marketing, sales, and customer service functionalities. Our highly skilled Dynamics 365 CRM consultants deliver this assessment virtually using industry-proven methodologies. Organizations will benefit from establishing a sound strategic path to centralize, optimize, and streamline all customer journey data.​

Dynamics 365 CRM Readiness Workshops​

Protiviti will:​

  • Work with the client team to confirm the objectives, finalize the agenda, and identify participating stakeholders for the workshops.​
  • Prepare and distribute a comprehensive pre-workshop questionnaire for the Client, focusing on organizational vision and objectives related to Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing requirements.​
  • Facilitate workshops to discuss feedback collected from the questionnaire, and to drive additional discussions.​

Dynamics 365 CRM Roadmap ​

Protiviti will:​

  • Analyze information gathered through workshops​
  • Formulate and synthesize recommendations based on the Dynamics 365 CRM platform following leading practices​
  • Develop a strategy and roadmap document to outline implementation for a Dynamics 365 CRM-based solution that will provide an integrated, data-driven solution to strengthen customer relationships.​
  • Present recommendations to key client stakeholders​


  • Planning Workshops Questionnaire
  • CRM Business Requirements Discovery
  • Implementation Roadmap Document
  • Presentation on Recommendations


  • Client is looking for a contact management, interaction, and relationship-tracking solution
  • Client is in the Microsoft cloud or is ready for the cloud migration

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