Modern Workplace Assessment for Healthcare - 4 wk Assessment


This assessment for Microsoft 365 helps Healthcare customers obtain insights to what it takes to improve productivity against Cyber Threats for Workforce Productivity.

Today’s new reality can be complex no matter where you’re at in your cloud journey. Capitalizing on the shift to digital modernization is key to your organization’s innovation and growth, but it can be daunting knowing where to start.

The Modern Workplace Assessment is a Microsoft 365 tool designed to help healthcare customers understand the collaboration tools and technology available for improving productivity, suggesting recommendations to achieve optimal security against Cyber threats for Workforce Productivity. This Microsoft 365 tool will ultimately help you build a more agile, efficient and collaborative digital workplace.

  1. Planning: Help you identify your business goals and healthcare objectives.

  2. Healthcare Data Collection: Give you a clear picture of your current healthcare data estate. Inventory all applicable operating systems collecting hardware, Microsoft and competitive software inventory and patching updates.

  3. Healthcare Data Analysis: Optimize your investment with our analysis of your healthcare data and infrastructure. Review hardware, evaluate security risks and review optimization of customer (Microsoft, vendors) investments for security.

  4. Action: Implement a strategic plan created for your cloud journey.

Key Deliverables: Modern Workplace Assessment for Healthcare

  1. Executive summary
  2. Customer business objectives
  3. Scope of project
  4. Provide Surface recommendations.
  5. Review of current Microsoft licensing agreements and appropriate recommendations for optimization
  6. Alignment to customer cloud strategy

Our portfolio of Microsoft Solution Assessments is designed to meet your organization where you are on your cloud adoption and digital transformation efforts. Each assessment is a collaboration between Protiviti, Microsoft and your team. Together, we will move through a phased approach to deliver the business insights you need.

**Funding pends on eligibility

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