Protect and Govern Sensitive Data for Financial Services - 4 wk workshop


Microsoft-Funded Workshop to discuss and understand the hidden privacy and regulatory risks of dark financial data and how to mitigate with actionable next steps

This Microsoft-funded, Protect and Govern Sensitive Data for Financial Services Workshop, helps qualifying organizations to understand, discover and assess their data in their Microsoft 365 environment. *

During this workshop, our Microsoft experts will:

  1. Focus on learning about your priorities, initiatives and key influences on your compliance strategy.
  2. Discover financial data risks in your environment across email, file storage, and use of financial data.
  3. Learn about Microsoft’s approach to compliance with an immersive experience.
  4. Plan next steps on how we can work together.

Activities to be completed:

  1. Pre-engagement meeting
  2. Financial Data Risk Check
  3. Compliance manager tenant assessment
  4. Microsoft Purview portfolio overview
  5. Recommendations and next steps

After the workshop, you will:

  1. Have compliance strategy documentation for your teams and stakeholders
  2. Better understand, prioritize, and mitigate potential threats
  3. Accelerate your compliance journey with Microsoft Purview
  4. Have defined next steps based on your needs and objectives
  • This Microsoft-funded workshop is for qualifying organizations only. Contact us to see if you qualify.

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