Microsoft Teams Phone Planning - 5wk Assessment


Actionable and Comprehensive Roadmap to Get Started with Microsoft Teams Phone

The objective of this engagement is to provide our Client with an actionable and comprehensive roadmap to realize investment in Microsoft Teams Phone capabilities. Regardless of our Client’s current implementation status of Teams, Protiviti will conduct a strategic assessment of Teams Phone implementation options, licensing structure, user telephony personas, existing telephony services and carriers. Protiviti will create a roadmap for feature / service planning, deployment and adoption to modernize and consolidate its voice services within Microsoft Phone.

Activities Include: Teams Phone Solution Workshops Planning Initiation Teams Phone Solution Planning Workshops Teams Phone Planning Presentation

Output: Teams Phone Workshop Pre-Questionnaire Teams Phone Workshop facilitation and determinations documentation Telephony Cost Comparison and Prioritized Roadmap Executive Presentation Initial Initiatives Prioritization and Implementation Proposal

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