Copilot Studio Accelerate: 1-Week Proof of Concept

RSM Product Sales LLC

Understand the features and capabilities of Microsoft Copilot Studio with this 1-week Copilot Studio Proof of Concept (POC) to see how increased value could be created at your organization.

The offering will include the demonstration of a custom copilot built using Microsoft Copilot Studio, and includes the a specific scope that includes the activities below, completed within 1 week timeframe:

  • A 2-hour workshop to determine a list of use cases based on current business requirements, and then prioritize 1 specific use case to take forward
  • Configuration of the Generative Answers feature within Microsoft Copilot Studio that uses Azure OpenAI Services to search and summarize data
  • Up to 3 manual topics using the standard Copilot Studio NLU Model
  • Up to 2 Power Automate Flows to create value through automation that utilize Dataverse connectors
  • Customized Fallback topic
  • A showcase demonstration
  • A roadmap for a full implementation of Microsoft Copilot Studio based on the demonstration and feedback

No solution delivery is included in this offering. The demonstration will be used to showcase the capabilities of the product in a more tailored use case. The only deliverable from the POC a Roadmap for Microsoft Copilot Studio.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how copilots can transform your business and learn more about the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot Studio.

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