Accessibility - Adoption for All: 10-Wk Imp


We ensure that digital services are discernible, usable, understandable and robust for all

Accessibility: Adoption for all is our additional adoption offer dedicated to both, person with disabilities who want to appropriate digital solutions and companies wishing to make their workplace program more inclusive.

Our methodology ensure that all user is well-included in the Microsoft 365 and PowerPlatform appropriation process by updating solutions to accessibility standards, by sensitizing companies for more inclusive approaches, and by integrating accessibility solutions at the heart of our adoption programs.

Our approach in 3 phases :

  1. AUDIT- Overview: Accessibility diagnosis and recommendations; Work with Mission Handicap

2.RAISING AWARENESS - Inclusive approach: Talks, demonstrations and meeting with disabled people; Communication, Return on experience

3.TRAINING - Facilitate ownership: Specific adoption programs; Tool kits, events, meetings and test & learn sessions

Exemples of Microsoft 365 Accessibility features implemented :

  • Teams' shortcuts
  • Subtitles on PowerPoint slideshow
  • Immersive reader in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, PowerApps, ...

Our Assets & Expertises :

  • Agile and user-centric methodology
  • Proven assets for each phase
  • Viral and impactful branding to promote the Adoption Program
  • Expertise on Microsoft solutions (Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Surface Hub, Teams)
  • Support for change in France and internationally
  • Digital accessibility for all
  • Green IT to reduce carbon footprint
  • Intranets for an unified employee experience
  • Communication, Distance training and Gamification

Offer price and duration are custom for each engagement. Please contact us to get more information. This offer is Microsoft FastTrack Ready (under eligibility conditions)

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