Sales and Marketing: 5-Day Proof of Concept


Design a mock up solution using your data and industry best practices, to show you how to enhance your customer experience and marketing activities.

This Proof of Concept is designed to evaluate the value and business impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. During this one-week Proof of Concept Workshop, our experts will spin up a trial instance of Dynamics 365 For Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing, configure it with your data and main business processes.


• Dynamics 365 For Sales and Marketing Overview

• Requirements Review and Business Process Definition

• Set up a demo environment with your data


Day 1:

• Master Data

• Sales Team Organization

Day 2:

• Lead to order Business Process

• Reporting & Dashboards

Day 3:

• Campaign and event management

• Campaign and event promotion

Day 4:

• Mockup solution demo

Day 5:

• POC Report Presentation

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