Manage Financial Risk - 4 hour Workshop


Dynamics 365 Finance, Financial management, Credit & collections, Cash management, Vendor management, Expense management, Budgeting, Cash flow forecasting, Analytics, E-invoicing, Tax management

Organizations can adapt quickly and reduce costs in the current business climate by proactively managing credit and collections, streamlining processes, and ensuring continued regulatory compliance.

Join our manage financial risk and reduce fraud virtual 4 hour workshop to gain insights into how organizations can predict future cash flow trends, make data-driven decisions and minimize loss due to payment fraud or wrongful rejections, helping to optimize financial operations and protect revenue.

The session is designed to inspire you with new ideas and success stories of modern businesses leveraging technology to drive growth, help you discover new opportunities within your own business where you can deliver unmatched workplace productivity, and allow you to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

During this event you will learn how to: • Optimize financial operations through cross-functional team collaboration, effective cash flow management and forecasting, and real-time financial insights • Protect your revenue by controlling risk of transaction and account fraud, associated operations costs and wrongful rejections • Adapt quickly and reduce costs with using a no-code configurable globalization that simplifies the maintenance of frequently changed regulatory requirements for tax, regulatory reporting, e-invoicing, payments and business documents.

Agenda • Registration (15 minutes) • Welcome (15 minutes) • Inspire session (60 minutes) • Discover session (45 minutes) • Break (15 minutes) • Accelerate business outcomes (75 minutes) • Closing (15 minutes)

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