Viva Learnings Employee Experience 4Wks Implement

Sahara Watira for Digital Transformation

Viva Learning part of Office 365 suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications help into the flow of work helps organizations drive up skilling and growth with a center for Learning

Viva Learning offer implementation as part of Office 365 Cloud productivity that's include multiple productivity and collaboration services, will provide implementation of Microsoft Viva Learning helps organizations drive upskilling and growth with a center for Learning in Teams and Microsoft 365. Empower employees to make learning a natural part of the day by bringing learning into the flow of work within the tools and platforms they already use. Discover, share, recommend, and track learning across a variety of sources with Viva Learning.

Watira services will include the below:-

-Plan Gather all the required information and understand the business requirements ( 3 man day)

-Design Prepare the proper design for the solution according to the business requirements with the detailed full documentation ( 5 man day)


Provide a Pilot for the project with the design developed, and get the feedback to correct the direction. ( 5 man days)

Approval stage:-

Support in the approval stage with the business decision makers. ( 4 man days)

-Implementation and Rollout Phase ( 10 man days)

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