Digital Twins Enablement 2-Wk Assessment


The “Digital Twins” concept and technology are more applicable than ever in the Asset Management domain

Within 2-weeks, together, we will create an enablement model for implementing Digital Twins and the principles of the Digital Renaissance in your Enterprise Asset Management methods

First phase (Week 1): We will assess the current state of your assets, business processes, people, and technology with 3 consecutive and focused workshops, to identify all the opportunities for modernization. On day four, we will hold a final workshop to define the critical objectives and goals for your organization. Sappience will structure and prepare the results of the overall performance-building assessment in a report that will guide your asset management activities.

Second phase (Week 2): With the results from the assessment, our team will perform a check and match-making phase of:

  1. These possibilities for optimization of the spheres of your organization, which we evaluated in phase one, with
  2. the approaches we can take to do this, and
  3. the implementation of the relevant objectives

We will review these three aspects through the prism of the Digital Twins and Low-Code principles and technologies and show you how to use them to achieve your goals.

Third phase (Week 2): Sappience will present a detailed Action Plan, which we will have prepared and implemented in a Priority Quadrant (see attached template). Finally, we will demonstrate how your organization can carry it out with the help of Digital Twins and Low-Code.

Results and Deliverables

At the end of the two weeks, you will have:
  • Comprehensive analysis document with main takeaways from the assessment and your opportunities to transition from basic practices to 360° asset & digital twin lifecycle management
  • A summary of the goals and objectives formed during the workshops
  • Action Plan with prioritized activities in the Priority Quadrant

Where do we go from here?

The Digital Twin Enablement Week is just the beginning of your journey from excelling in the basics of Enterprise Asset Management to adopting advanced practices and technologies such as the Digital Twins. One way to proceed further is with Asset Insider. Others include Azure, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, IoT, Hololens. We also have in mind other Microsoft AppSource solutions or 3rd party vendors.

Read the full story here: Asset Insider - Industry 4.1 Solution

With Digital Twin Enablement you will receive specific advice and approach for optimizing the connection between people, business processes, assets, and their management. We will connect the conclusions of the assessment with the goals and appropriate tools for their implementation, based on Digital Twin and Low-Code technologies. Sappience will guide you on how to realize the potential of your current processes and assets and use your existing strengths to increase the profit margins.

Looking forward to reimagining your Asset Management together!
P.S. Learn more about the Digital Twins in Asset Management with our 6-chapter eBook.

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