SSC Endpoint Mgmt & Security Services Workshop


Discover, Envision, Educate and Plan for Device Management & Security with Microsoft 365 E3

SCC’s Endpoint Management with Security Workshop that will help you understand the value of Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Intune to show you how to manage and secure users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere, allowing you to fully understand the breadth of Microsoft’s capability. To do so, our security workshop will spend significant time deep diving the capabilities of Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and the Azure AD Premium P1 features that come with a Microsoft 365 E3 license. The workshop is intended to be delivered as a four-day engagement, which includes:

• Understanding a customer's endpoint management goals and objectives.

• Defining a customer’s device security posture.

• Gaining insights into a customer's devices landscape.

• Showcasing Microsoft Intune features related to managing the entire device lifecycle and enabling these features in the customer environment, focusing on cloud-only management for selected users and devices.

• Showcasing Azure AD Premium P1 and Defender for Endpoint features that help to protect identities, devices, and applications in the customer environment.

• Defining joint next steps.

By the end of our engagement, you will have a deeper understanding of the Microsoft capability and how it can drive impact watching your business security and device posture. SCC will define the possible steps on how you can achieve your endpoint management goals. The workshops will be delivered by our professional services team, engaging with your business decision makers, technical team and change managers, to ensure we cover all aspects of your journey to a modernised and secure approach to desktop management.

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