PMO Meetings & Live Event Mgt: 2-hour Briefing

seaCastle, Inc

Thought leaders are briefed on Teams Meetings/Live Events as means for increased visibility of & alignment between daily collaborative work and strategic projects/programs/organizational initiatives.

PMO meetings must evolve: master new organizational platforms, increase work visibility and align collaborative agility with critical strategic initiatives.

Distributed cross-functional teams, agile work styles and fast-changing market conditions on one side; strategic investment milestones commitments on the other. PMOs and strategic project / program leaders in the critical middle ground wrangling budgets, risks, and change across the portfolio, while improving organizational ability to execute the most impactful initiatives-consistently.

Topics of discussion: PMO thought leaders know the cadences of slide presentations and email are too slow and siloed for modern work realities. To thrive, everyone in the organization needs increased visibility of, and alignment between, daily collaborative work and strategic projects. • Use Meetings and Live Events to overcome PMO challenges • Explore Teams Project Portfolio templates to support Meetings and Live Events with agile collaborative task apps and disciplined project approaches • Increase work visibility and alignment with strategic efforts using Power BI & other Power Platform tools during Meetings & Live Events • Leverage best tools for Meetings and Live Events projects: Planner & To-do, Project for the Web, Project Online • Learn strategic governance sweet-spots for Meetings between bottom-up sprawl & top-down command • Identify ways to reduce friction across the organization by aligning strategic project portfolio work with daily collaboration and learning via Teams Meetings & Live Events • Test Teams Meetings and Live Events solutions through sandboxing rapid design experiments and templates

About seaCastle, Inc: A Silver Microsoft Partner recognized as pioneers in Project Portfolio Management, BI, AI, and Modern Work, our Principal Consultants are seasoned PMPs, Product Leaders, Microsoft Certified Trainers with proven success in project management methodologies at scale from enterprise level to startups.

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