OAAA Advanced Adversary Assesment-1 month assesment

Secure Nextgen Systems

Learn how to increase your resiliency against real world and advanced threats together with Microsoft 365 Security and Microsoft Sentinel.

Organizations worldwide are facing advanced cyberthreats that could jeopardize their ability to deliver products and services, and to safeguard their most important intellectual property and the information of their clients. Ponemon Institute, in their "Cost of Data Breach" report that summarizes the analysis of hundreds of data breaches, indicate that organizations take on average 7 months to realize that a breach has occurred, and more than 2 additional months to contain the cause, causing an average impact of 3.4 million USD per incident. Microsoft 365 Security capabilities allows you to solve different risks such as identity protection, end-user devices, cloud applications, protection of sensitive information of the organization, this is solved with capabilities such as Defender for endpoint, Defender for Identities, Defender for Cloud App or Information protection The Penetration Testing is the right assessment to obtain this real-world perspective, performed by best of breed ethical hackers certified supported by certifications of EC-Council, SANS Institute, Offensive Security and other respected institutions and by cyberdefense and risk experts certified by ISACA, (ISC)², and other organizations to estimate the impact that the organization could be subject to, by the compromise of the systems, information and in some cases the whole infrastructure including a suggested timeframe of remediation based on risk prioritization and how to improve their security using the different Microsoft’s last generation security, detection and orchestration technologies.

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