Power Apps discovery: 3 Days Workshop

Make the shift lda

Learn, discover and test how Microsoft low code solutions can propel the digital transformation of your organization.

According to some analyst, low code will be the predominant platform to develop business applications as early as 2024 (“Gartner and Deloitte”).

Microsoft Low Code offers you a unique value proposition as it integrates with a common and secure cloud environment a low code offering from building apps, automating processes and dashboard generation capitalizes on your existing licenses and interoperate with other familiar Office systems.

Enroll in this 3-day workshop to discover the potential of using Power Apps in your organization. During these 3 days, we will provide you a design thinking session to identify the business potential of Low Code within your organization and define an implementation road map.

Start your journey today towards capitalizing on a wider pool of talent from within your organization to accelerate your digital transformation program.


Day 1: 4h - App in a morning - Remote training session on PowerApps with a practical example 4h - Remote Design thinking session facilitated by our certified Catalyst methodology staff, to identify the potential and prioritize an eligible proof of concept (max 14h of effort).

Day 2-3: 14h - Our developers will develop a quick proof of concept with remote workshops with your team regarding requirements, visual and functional guidelines. End of Day 3: 2h - Conclusions, lessons learned and next steps.

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