Microsoft Viva Goals: 4-Wk Implementation

Signal Alliance

Discover how Viva Goals create a purpose-driven culture where teams align to achieve results by empowering each person to understand their impact and keep priorities top of mind.

Microsoft Viva Goals is a goal-alignment solution that connects teams to your organization’s strategic priorities, unites them around your mission and purpose, and drives business results. To do this, Microsoft Viva Goals applies the power of the Objectives and key results (OKR) framework. Because Viva Goals is a part of Microsoft Viva, it integrates into the employee experience, empowering teams to be their best from anywhere.

Why Signal Alliance Consulting?

With an extensive employee experience practice, Signal Alliance Consulting can help you envision your desired state - one that brings people, data, and applications together in a single customized dashboard. Our team will work with you to understand your priorities, challenges, and culture to design a solution that meet your needs.

How Signal Alliance Consulting can help you in your journey: Available services depending on your needs and readiness

1. Planning & Assessment

  • Kick-off meeting introducing Viva Goals, discuss the upcoming activities, align expectations and establish timelines.
  • Run an assessment on your tenant to prepare for deployment
  • Evaluate the findings of the assessment ahead of deployment to close the planning / assessment phase

2. Deployment & Implementation

  • Setup and administration: Configure Roles and Permissions, security and advanced admin controls
  • Plan: Get started with Viva Goals get to know OKRs (Objective and Key Results)
  • Train and Adopt: Writing Great OKR (Objective and Key Results), Incorporating OKRs into your Business Rhythms
  • Building your training strategy to Launch Plan
  • OKR Communication Plan: Implementation and Rollout

3. Adoption

  • Train end-users on Viva Goals software usage: Web and Teams App
  • Get feedback and monitor progress overtime

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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