Financial Reporting Implementation for Energy: 6-Week Implementation

Smartbridge, LLC

Intuitive Power BI Dashboards designed for Energy - production optimization, ESG monitoring, predictive maintenance, customer experience - insights necessary to drive sustainable business growth.

Smartbridge, now in its 20th year, has provided data & analytics solutions to the energy industry for over a decade. We’d love to share some of that knowledge with you. Modernize your energy industry business transformation and visualization needs with Smartbridge & Power BI.

Generate modern Power BI reports using data migrated from enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM and other data sources. This implementation can enable data engineering efforts using one or two data sources, leverage modern architecture, and develop interactive and insightful dashboards.

Benefits of deploying a modern Financial Dashboard:

  • Support typical business execution programs and initiatives focused on safety, ESG, operations, maintenance, supply chain, human capital and more
  • Reduce mundane, repetitive tasks and reduce the human touch points that are needed for regular reporting
  • Provide visibility for company leadership (outside CFO office) in terms of financial metrics and the future potential
  • Enable human-assisted AI for accurate financial forecasting, monitoring and actionable outcomes for financial success of the company

Applying Advanced Analytics in the Energy Industry Moving Beyond Financial Reporting - A Sampling of questions that can be answered with a Power BI implementation:

  • Market and Customer Analytics - How can we customize an opportunity for the customer based on the data (by leveraging AI/ML), all while providing the right opportunities to the right customer at the right time?
  • Promotion Analytics - How can we improve the design of our products by using AI/ML to make wiser decisions about feature mix?
  • Operational Analytics - Which performance metrics are the most important indicators of revenue, sales volume, or profit?
  • Operational Analytics - How can we improve inefficiencies, waste, overcharges, and overstaffing that generate unnecessary costs in operations?
  • Business Optimization - What are the other opportunities that can be unlocked across various business units by breaking the data silos?


  • Data Platform Foundation: Set up new Azure & Power BI development and production environments
  • Data Integration and Data Cleansing: Effective integrations for 2 data sources using Azure Synapse common data models
  • Business Intelligence Reporting: Power BI dashboard with three levels of views, limited to 5 underlying reports

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