Softip Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop 1 Day

SOFTIP, a.s.

This Copilot workshop is designed to StepUp your organizations with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft 365 Copilot, its benefits, and effective integration strategies.


  1. Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot: o Understand the purpose, benefits, and significance of Microsoft 365 Copilot within your organization’s security strategy. o Explore the key features and functionalities of Copilot. o Align Copilot with your existing security policies and strategic objectives.
  2. Readiness Fast Start: o Evaluate your organization’s readiness for Copilot adoption. o Focus on critical areas:  Business Personas: Identify user roles and their specific needs.  Data Estate: Assess your current data environment.  Security: Consider security implications and requirements.  Privacy and Compliance: Address data privacy and compliance concerns.  Governance: Plan for governance and control.  User Adoption: Prepare for user acceptance and adoption. o Develop a customized plan for pilot and production deployment.
  3. Integration and Deployment: o Discuss Copilot prerequisites and the necessary Microsoft Security components. o Clarify how Copilot will seamlessly integrate into your existing systems and workflows. Key Benefits & Outcomes: • Everyday AI: Microsoft 365 Copilot harnesses the power of AI, making users more efficient, innovative, and productive. • Expert Guidance: Partner with SOFTIP’s experienced professionals who specialize in optimizing Microsoft environments. • Smooth Transition: Ensure a seamless transition to Copilot while addressing security, governance, compliance, and deployment concerns. During the workshop, you’ll explore practical use cases where Copilot can significantly impact your business. Additionally, you’ll receive a tailored report evaluating Copilot’s productivity and efficiency benefits specific to your organization. The deliverables include: • A detailed implementation plan customized to your business needs and objectives. • An executive presentation summarizing findings, providing recommendations, and outlining a compelling business case for Copilot adoption.

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