Get AI Ready: 2-Wk Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment


The Copilot Readiness Assessment by Noventiq helps your organization get AI ready by providing the critical foundation to ensure your organization is set up for maximum value and ROI of Copilot

What is Microsoft 365 Copilot?

In an era of rapid digitalization, Microsoft 365 Copilot integrates the next-generation power of AI to meet your organization's changing needs.

Copilot acts as your own personal AI expert, seamlessly integrating into Microsoft 365 to help you optimize workflows, uncover insights, and automate tasks. Powered by the latest AI capabilities.

Copilot taps into the familiar Microsoft 365 tools your organization already relies on - Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more. But it takes them to the next level, unlocking new dimensions of efficiency and innovation.

Why do you need a Readiness Assessment for Copilot from Noventiq?

  • Understanding AI Alignment: The assessment ensures that Copilot aligns with organizational objectives, making AI integration purposeful and directly contributing to strategic initiatives.
  • Identifying Integration Points: The assessment demonstrates where and how Copilot can be effectively integrated into the existing Microsoft 365 environment, maximizing impact within the current infrastructure.
  • Evaluating Technical Readiness: The Technical Evaluation phase assesses technical aspects, identifying potential hurdles and proposing solutions for a smooth Copilot integration.
  • Mitigating Risks and Challenges: Early identification of risks and challenges allows for proactive mitigation strategies, minimizing disruptions during Copilot integration.
  • Customizing Recommendations: The Customized Roadmap and Strategic Recommendations phases provide a personalized plan, ensuring Copilot integration aligns with unique business requirements.

1. Assessment Phases:

  1. Discovery Session. Engage in collaborative sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organizational goals, challenges, and AI aspirations
  2. Current State Analysis. Conduct an in-depth examination of your existing Microsoft 365 environment, identifying ripe opportunities for AI integration
  3. Customized Roadmap. Receive a detailed, phased roadmap outlining the integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365, aligning with your organization's unique objectives.

2. Assessment Scope and Process:

  • Pre-Assessment Consultation: Initiate the journey with in-depth discussions with Noventiq AI experts to align objectives, set expectations, and establish a foundation for success
  • Technical Evaluation: Dive deep into your Microsoft 365 infrastructure, assessing its readiness for AI integration and identifying potential areas for enhancement.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Receive a comprehensive set of recommendations from Noventiq AI customer success team, empowering your organization with a clear roadmap for Copilot integration and AI adoption and change management.

3. Timeline:

Typically completed within 1-2 weeks, ensuring a swift yet thorough process that aligns with your organization's pace of transformation.


The readiness assessment pricing initiates at $5,000, but the actual cost depends on your specific business goals, current setup, and AI needs. It's customized to fit your unique requirements, so the price may vary.

Next Steps:

Contact Noventiq to unlock the future of AI-driven collaboration and productivity. Join the Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment by Noventiq and navigate your organization's Copilot journey with confidence!

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