Contract management automation: 3-Wk Implementation


Save time and resources due to the automation of work processes with contracts, invoices, acts, specifications, and commercial offers. Create, approve, and sign documents and monitor obligations 24/7

Save time and resources on conducting a contractual activity, monitor each stage of contract processing and their fulfillment, simplify interaction inside the team and with counterparties, and minimize financial risks and risks of confidential data leaks.

The softXpansion company has more than 25 years of experience in software development, including 15 on Microsoft technologies, and also, we have been the official Microsoft Partner since 2011. Our expertise and teams experience provide us to propose a complete cycle of individual solutions development to automate any business processes in the company.

The package of services for contract management automation includes:

  • Interview, Proof of concept, evaluation, planning
  • Analytics, preparation of technical documentation, and design layouts
  • Setup, delivery, and testing
  • Training (QAT & UAT)
  • Warranty and technical support

For the complex automation of contracts lifecycle, we use:

  • Microsoft Power Platform (Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI)
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams

Thanks to the implementation of the contract management automation system, you will be able to:

  • Get permanent access to all contractual documents (agreements, acts, invoices, specifications) through the contract registry
  • Establish the counterparty registry containing full information about each counterparty, their details, accreditation roles, statutory documents, and other related files
  • Fast and efficiently approve and sign documents. Employees will be able to easily build processes of any complexity on their own
  • Work online with the team on documents: edit, review, comment, consolidate changes
  • Create typical documents in minutes by using DOCX and XLSX templates with their autofill
  • Work 24/7 with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF documents, and other file types with no need to install additional office software
  • Provide documents with a complete legal significance due to the ability of additional connection of the document signing service and digital signature use
  • Set document control dates to not to miss deadlines related to contract fulfillment, prolongation, or necessity of update
  • Easily find necessary documents by the multifunctional search, which is especially convenient with the full-text search
  • Generate your own information-analytical reports, export report results to Excel, and use Power BI dashboards to visualize the data
  • Receive notifications in Outlook or Teams
  • Flexibly set user access rights and permissions
  • Keep a detailed action history

Additionally, we offer the softXspace Client portal, which allows you to automate interactions with all your company's counterparties. The softXspace Client portal can be integrated with softXspace365 to enable secure exchange of legally significant documents with counterparties 24/7, from anywhere and on any device.

Implementation of such solutions gives you a lot of advantages:

  • Time and resources saving. Automation provides a reduction of up to 50% in operating losses, a 30% reduction in administrative expenses, and a reduction of the time for approval and signing from 2-3 weeks to 1 hour
  • Interaction and communication. Work within your team with contracts anywhere and anytime, conduct employees full access to files 24/7 provided with the ability of online editing
  • Quick setup and implementation. Our experience and existence of ready-to-go products allow you to automate various processes in the organization quickly, to adapt under the processes and corporate standards, and operatively develop the additional functionality
  • Integration capabilities. Integrations with all Microsoft 365 solutions infrastructure (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Word, Excel, Power BI, etc.), Azure Active Directory, and the ability to complete integration into the company IT landscape, based on Microsoft products or other third-party systems
  • Procedures standardization. Standardization of all working procedures allows you to forget about mistakes in drafting and maintaining contracts
  • Safe storage and 24/7 access. Storage of documents in the cloud avoids leakage of confidential data and provides users with secure access at any convenient time
  • Processing and fulfillment monitoring. Deadline control, notifications, and reminders joined with analytical tools will provide a 100% fulfillment of contractual obligations and 100% of contract extensions

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