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Biz Central Job Shops: 18-Wk Implementation

Solution Systems, Inc.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Job Shops Full Implementation Package includes the functionality of our Business Central for Job Shops Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Packages & more.

Business Central is one of the leading ERP systems to best meet the needs of your job shop. It enables you to track and compare estimated costs to actual costs throughout the entire lifecycle of a job which makes your business operate more accurately, quickly and efficiently. Reduce errors, complete customer orders on budget and on time and become more profitable with Business Central.

Deliverables / Functionality

  • Project Management Role Center
  • Jobs
  • Job Statistics
  • Statistics by Transaction Type: Item, Resource & G/L


  • Identify Job by Description field
  • Displays Est. and Actual Profitability
  • Job Factbox to show Original Budget costs
  • % of Completion, Milestone, Item, & Service Billing
  • Get default field values from Jobs Setup
  • “Copy Job” to startup Tasks and Planning Lines
  • Carry out Action on Req. Worksheet crates Job PO
  • default field values from a Master Job
  • Startup Job with tasks from BOM from an Item
  • Startup Job with tasks from a BOM from a Resource
  • Update planning dates based on Task total est. time
  • Posting Production in a Job Production Journal
  • Tracking of Job Qty. Produced on Job Card
  • 45+ Extended Reports
  • See more below on tracking Purchase order changes
  • PO change tracking show on Job PO Change FactBox
  • PO changes show at the task level
  • Show Jobs billing on Sales Orders – Stock Inventory Only
  • Serial/Lot No. In. Sales Item Tracking – Stock Inventory Only
  • Serial/Lot No. Entry on Billable Planning Lines
  • Create Job then use Copy Task from Template Job(s)

Additional Services Available Upon Request

  • Custom Enhancements / Programming
  • End User Training & Documentation
  • Power BI Manufacturing Dashboards
  • CRM – Dynamics 365 for Sales or Internal Business Central CRM


  • Business Central licensing has been upgraded to Premium from Essentials
  • Customer has purchased and implemented either Business Central Basics or Business Central Intermediate Packages.