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CRM Data Accuracy: 2-Day Assessment

Sonoma Partners

An assessment of up to 10 entities/objects and evaluation of data accuracy and completeness.

This 2-Day assessment is for business leaders and held on-site at your facility or remotely, based on your preference.


Day One

Focus on duplicate detection, core object and key field definition, and discussion/definition of complete data.

Day Two

Sonoma Partners will recommend best practices for data accuracy and completeness along with a summary and presentation of findings.


You will receive a presentation that includes the following:

  • Number of duplicate records across selected entities/objects
  • Number of fields with % complete across selected entities/objects with usage summary (modified, form inclusion)
  • Analysis summary and future recommendations (3rd party, data stewardship program, best practice implementation, exception reporting)


Data review and analysis will be conducted remotely. You will provide access to your DB for analysis.