Business Process Optimization: 6 Wk Implementation

Sparkhound LLC

Standardize, Optimize, and Automate Business Processes

Achieve unparalleled cost reductions in your business processes with an industry-leading ROI.

Many business processes are ineffective due to poor execution, lack of management or dependence on tribal knowledge from a dynamic workforce. Sparkhound will provide visibility into your organization's current processes working with key stakeholders to identify areas for improvement or automation. Optimizing or automating these processes by leveraging Sparkhound's digital automation lifecycle and the Microsoft Power Platform will save your organization time and money, as well as decrease risks.

Sparkhound will work diligently with your key stakeholders to provide your organization with a solution that includes :

Process Mapping -Activities, procedures, resources and cost documented to summarize all aspects of the existing process. A second documented version of the process with components updated for the to-be state, and the expected ROI.

Optimization Plan -A documented plan summarizing the approach, timeline, resources, reference architecture using Power Automate example flows, and cost for adapting the identified solutions.

Process Automation -One or more of the activities of the business process automated using Power Automate.

Process Analytics -Process activity tracking with Power BI. More advanced or customized features may be assessed during the quoting process.

Pricing will vary based on the number of processes being evaluated, type(s) of data, etc., but as an estimate these are 6 week engagements with a rough estimate of $50,000. The first two weeks are spent on Process Mapping, with anywhere from 4-6 weeks spent on Automation with process tracking.

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