Power BI Envisioning: 4-Week Implementation

Spyglass MTG, LLC

With this Power BI envisioning implementation, Spyglass will help your organization dive into the capabilities of Power BI with a trusted approach that begins with Envisioning.

Many clients either have Power BI and are not taking advantage of their investment, are having trouble utilizing its vast capabilities, or have other products and want to explore Power BI as a solution. Whatever the case is, we often see clients needing assistance with the various challenges that arise in their Power BI journey.

Our 4-Week/$15k Power BI Envisioning Implementation follows Microsoft’s Power BI Adoption Methodology, and the first of three phases begins with Envisioning! During our engagement, we look across all dimensions of your Power BI roll out including, Strategy & Vision, Governance, Roles and Responsibilities, Delivery Models, Service Management, Security, Support, Adoption, and Culture. Our envisioning offer provides a hands-on scaled-down agenda for Power BI and putting you in the pilot seat to build your first reports, understand licensing options and capabilities, high level governance approaches and seeing the way forward with Power BI.

Agenda: Week 1: Envisioning Workshop, Use-Case Review, Data Model Input: Includes IT, Security and Compliance, Business Users, Initiative Sponsor Team. Week 2: Workload Deployment, Dashboard in a Day, and initial strategy review. Week 3: Knowledge Sessions, Workload Review, Ad-Hoc Q&A. Week 4: Power BI Envisioning Report, Review & Next Steps.

Deliverables: • Install (if needed) the PowerBI On-Premises PowerBI Data Gateway and support objects • Configure the Data Gateway for database connectivity and Office 365 Connectivity • Interactive reports/workbooks/datasets per use-case • Organize PowerBI Workspaces and Apps to support - Publishing and Sharing strategies • Demonstrate Active Directory integration & security features • Demonstrate advanced features of PowerBI (hierarchies, drill-throughs, etc.) • Demonstrate performance features (data modeling, import mode, direct query mode, caching, etc.) • Spyglass MTG Power BI Architecture • Power BI Envisioning Report & Review

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