D365 CE: 4-Hr Assessment

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Is Dynamics 365 right for me? Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Best Fit Assessment 1-4 Hours FREE

The best performing businesses know that the customer comes first. This fact holds true regardless of business model, industry, or geography. And yet, in an increasingly complex world where businesses compete for their customers’ attention across multiple channels and touchpoints, how can you ensure your brand, product or service stays at the forefront of your customer’s mind? Data and analytics, along with a handful of technology products, are often posited as the answer to that question, but what does that really mean? How can companies use these tools to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and retention?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions and want real answers, this workshop is for you. During this session with Sunrise Technologies, we show how you how technology, data, and insights can give what you truly desire: a 360° view of your customer. Using a proven framework, we cut through the noise and help you focus on the relevant features and benefits available in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement suite that can create value in your organization. Stop spinning your wheels and let us ask the right questions to provide you with an assessment for how Microsoft’s solutions could be applicable to your business.

Deliverables: A best-fit assessment of the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement suite of tools for your organization, and how it will address both your business and systems pain points.

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