Teams Calling: 7-Day Implementation

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7 days on Adding Voice to Teams with Supremo - it's easy!

MICROSOFT TEAMS INTEGRATION WITH PSTN PUBLIC TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK The Microsoft Teams service is a complete cloud-based solution aimed at modern business. The application contains a set of functionalities that improve team collaboration. A new dimension of communication, file sharing or meeting modeling are just a few tools that increase the involvement and effectiveness of employees. Integration of Microsoft Teams with the public telecommunications network (PSTN) is the next step in its evolution. Integration means the implementation of telephone numbering into the Microsoft Teams application. It is possible to assign national and international numbering, which makes it possible to route incoming and outgoing calls from all over the world. The exchange of phone calls is carried out based on our telecommunications system.


When using Microsoft Teams, don't forget the voice features! During the pandemic, we helped many companies by moving their PBXs to the cloud by combining VOIP technology with Microsoft Teams. Our customers agree that without making this investment, they would not have survived the pandemic. Fully integrated, efficient and user-friendly VOIP technology helps you achieve better business results, thereby improving the efficiency of your entire company.

Adding voice to Teams with Supremo is simple.

Decide on the number of users you need. Order dial plans and phone numbers. Set-up your Teams tenant and users Connect and start calling

Note: You will need a Microsoft Teams Phone System license and contract with pstn provider.

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