Microsoft Security Immersion: 1 Day Briefing

Synergy Technical, LLC

Knowing that your time is valuable, we have developed a true to life, hands-on, interactive session designed to give you a deep understanding of the Microsoft 365 Security suite of products.

During a Microsoft Security Immersion session, you and a handful of colleagues will experience the true impact of being a Microsoft-secured organization. We will provide a skilled facilitator to walk you through security scenarios using Microsoft 365 to secure your environment.  In this workshop guided by a trained facilitator you will:

  • Learn to configure Microsoft 365 security tools to meet your organization's security needs

  • Get hands-on experience with Microsoft 365

  • Explore the suite of tools available to meet your security strategy

  • See and experience how Microsoft 365 simplifies your journey to a more secure technology environment

  • Learn the next steps for your organization to be ready to address security threats

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