Estate Flow: 6-Wk Implementation

Systems Ltd

Automating real estate business operations through real estate CRM software

Built on scalable and AI-powered capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, EstateFlow by Systems Limited automates the processes of main business operations across real estate business, properties, construction, rental, facilities, partner, and project management. With this real estate CRM software, we aim to enhance and optimize the operational capability and increase the automation efficiency in the different domains and areas of a real estate business organization.

Product Features

  • Dedicated center of innovation for business solution
  • Comprehensive customer onboarding with unified customer interactions/ engagements
  • Lead to quote & order to customer process
  • Generate & track - payments schedule, invoice, bills, fees
  • Manage agreements & contracts, and validate documents effortlessly
  • Utilize segmentation and manage account preferences
  • Automate rental processes & tasks
  • Schedule payments & generate invoices
  • Readily available agreements and contracts, transfer processes
  • Capture & nurture leads and save customer preferences & shortlist units
  • Create offers & prepare document checklists
  • Discount and word order mechanism and categorization
  • Field worker’s skill-based assignments
  • Preventive & proactive scheduling & routing
  • Request for services, maintenance, complaints
  • Integrate work orders with ERP and monitor payments
  • Manage multi-level approvals & establish smooth communication
  • Auto-initiate service level agreement
  • Vendors and supervisors' notifications with ease
  • Integration loyalty rewards program
Product Benefits
  • Improve engagement with unification
  • Seamlessly manage pipelines with accurate forecasts
  • Win faster on strategic deals with personalized engagement
  • Reporting and insights with interactive dashboards
  • Integration with Microsoft Business Apps
  • Secure cloud operations synced automatically

At a glance