Microsoft 365 Live End-user Training

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The goal of the offer is to encourage Microsoft 365 Adoption through short courses to ease the transition.

Microsoft 365 Training: Let us assume responsibility for keeping your employees up to date .

Our Microsoft 365 Unlimited Productivity training includes all you can attend, live byte sized webinars and short hands-on classes to quickly introduce new topics and reinforce skills in Microsoft 365. With over 60 titles, we cover everyday end-user training topics to close skills gaps and increase employee engagement including:

  • Microsoft Teams Bits & Bytes: Collaborating with Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Bits & Bytes: Meetings, Video Calls , Screensharing and Breakout rooms
  • Microsoft SharePoint Bits & Bytes: Overview
  • Microsoft One Drive Bits & Bytes: Sharing Microsoft OneNote Content
  • Microsoft Excel Bits & Bytes: Creating Advanced Pivot Tables
  • Microsoft 365 Bits & Bytes: Automating Your Work with Power Automate
  • and many more

Our 2-hour MegaBytes include hands-on training for many of the same topics.

And don't miss our newest edition to the catalog, Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise: AI for All, an introduction to this exciting new tool.

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