SharePoint Content & News Management: 3-Week Workshop

Taras Tech

Plan, design, and create an intelligent SharePoint intranet in three weeks, with tailored training for end users.

Our "SharePoint Content & News Management: 2-Week Workshop" is designed for clients who want to build an intelligent intranet based on SharePoint or need assistance with their current implementation. Whether you are looking to create a new SharePoint intranet or migrate an existing on-premises SharePoint intranet to SharePoint Online, this workshop is tailored to meet your needs. In two weeks, we will collaborate with you in workshops to plan and design an appropriate SharePoint intranet structure. Depending on the complexity of your intranet requirements, we will create a proof of concept. Additionally, we provide tailored end-user training for SharePoint site owners and editors on how to design, create, and manage SharePoint pages, news, lists, and libraries.


Week 1: Initial Assessment & Requirement Gathering

  • Introduction and goal setting
  • Analysis of current SharePoint environment (if applicable)
  • Gathering requirements and objectives for the intranet

Week 2 & 3: Intranet Planning, Design & Proof of Concept

  • Planning and designing the SharePoint intranet structure
  • Creating site hierarchies and navigation plans
  • Development of a proof of concept for the intranet
  • Demonstration and feedback session with the client

Week 3: Tailored End-User Training (optional)

  • Training sessions for SharePoint site owners and editors
  • Hands-on workshops on designing, creating, and managing SharePoint pages, news, lists, and libraries

This offering is also available in the German language.

Terms, conditions, pricing, and duration of the service depend on client maturity and individual business goals.

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