Threat Protection Attack Simulation: 2-Week Workshop for Healthcare

Tech One Global

Partner with experts from Tech One Global Philippines to leverage the technology underlying Microsoft Defender, Entra, and Sentinel, tailored for the Healthcare Industry.

Tech One Global Philippines recognizes that the Healthcare industry faces unique and targeted threats due to the nature of their operations. Our Threat Protection Attack Simulation Workshop has been meticulously crafted to provide your organization with a proactive defense strategy, simulating real-world attack scenarios to bolster your security posture.

By choosing our Threat Protection Attack Simulation Workshop, you will gain:

  • Industry-Centric Focus: Our workshop is specifically designed for organizations in the Healthcare sector, addressing the sector-specific risks and compliance requirements.

  • Hands-on Experience: Through realistic attack simulations, your team will gain practical experience in identifying, mitigating, and responding to advanced cyber threats.

  • Tailored Solutions: We customize the workshop content to align with your organization's unique challenges and objectives, ensuring that you receive targeted guidance and recommendations.

Threat Protection Attack Simulation Workshop Delivery Phases

Our Threat Protection Attack Simulation Workshop is delivered through a comprehensive approach, encompassing the following phases:

  1. Pre-engagement Call: We initiate the engagement with a pre-engagement call to understand your organization's specific security concerns, compliance requirements, and objectives.
  2. Solutions Overview: We provide a detailed overview of the workshop, outlining the core components and expected outcomes tailored to the Financial, Healthcare, or Government sector.
  3. Kick-off Meeting: A formal kick-off meeting is conducted, introducing you to our expert team, establishing clear communication channels, and setting expectations.
  4. Scoping: Together with your team, we define the scope of the workshop to ensure it aligns perfectly with your sector-specific security goals.
  5. Data Collection: We collect pertinent data and information about your existing security infrastructure and practices.
  6. Attack Simulation: Our seasoned cybersecurity experts simulate real-world cyber attacks, allowing your team to detect, respond, and mitigate threats in a controlled environment.
  7. Report Generation: Following the simulations, we generate a comprehensive report, detailing vulnerabilities identified, along with actionable recommendations and compliance considerations.
  8. Workshop Day: The highlight of the engagement, where we conduct an interactive workshop to share insights, best practices, and strategies tailored to the Financial, Healthcare, or Government sector.
  9. Engagement Decommissioning: We conclude the engagement by reviewing workshop outcomes, discussing any further steps, and ensuring your organization is well-prepared to enhance its threat protection capabilities.

Leveraging Microsoft 365 Services:

Throughout the entire Threat Protection Workshop process, we leverage Microsoft 365 services, making use of tools such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Azure Security Center, and Microsoft 365 Threat Protection. This integration ensures that your organization benefits from the latest threat detection and response capabilities, making the workshop not only educational but also highly practical in addressing real-world security challenges.

At Tech One Global Philippines, we are committed to helping you fortify your cybersecurity defenses and mitigate potential threats effectively. With our Threat Protection Workshop, you can expect a comprehensive approach that combines education, proactive measures, and the power of Microsoft 365 services to safeguard your organization's digital assets.

Don't wait for a security breach to happen; take action today with Tech One Global Philippines' Threat Protection Workshop. Your organization's security is our top priority!

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