CMMC Strategy & Execution Roadmap for Microsoft 365

TechAxia LLC

Using Microsoft 365, we provide an end-to-end overview of the CMMC compliance program and work with the client to establish the client’s CMMC status and immediate needs in the CMMC lifecycle.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), a framework established by the US Department of Defense, necessitates formal audits of cybersecurity practices for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors. CMMC Compliance is a program and not a set it and forget it task.

TechAxia offers a successful methodology that supports Small to Medium-sized Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations using Microsoft 365 in attaining and maintaining CMMC certification.

We believe that establishing a robust compliance program begins with a well-defined strategy and a meticulously executed roadmap. As a result, this CMMC strategy and execution roadmap will identify current CMMC status and next steps required for full CMMC compliance. The output of this required step would unlock subsequent steps in the CMMC lifecycle that would enable DIB organizations derive the most value out of their Microsoft 365 investments, collaborate more securely, while working towards full CMMC compliance.

Our approach consists of:

  1. Gather information on your organization's status within the CMMC lifecycle.

  2. Provide a concise overview of the CMMC compliance program.

  3. Identify immediate needs for CMMC compliance.

  4. Offer tailored recommendations and strategies to address those needs.


A CMMC Compliance Roadmap/Lifecycle with a client-focused approach on status, and a roadmap from current status to full compliance using the Microsoft 365 platform.

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