Dashboard-as-a-Service: 2-Day Implementation Using Power BI


Begin your journey into all that your data is waiting to tell you through Microsoft Power BI, the world leading Platform in Analytics and BI.

Regardless of industry, think of your organization as data-centered and technology-first. Data is the most powerful and profitable asset you have. It not only reveals where your organization is now, but steers it directly where you want it to go.

With Power BI, you no longer have to rely on best guesses or trial and error. With Power BI there’s no need to move your data; we’ll meet you where you are. As a business intelligence and analytics SaaS service, Power BI equips business users to directly connect with and gain insights from their business data.


  • Identify the location of your source data - data source in the form of one Excel or csv file
  • Overview of Power BI architectural options to fit your specific needs
  • Select a method for integrating source data - import, live connection, or direct query
  • Determine if you need a gateway to push the data to Power BI and configure it
  • Development and deployment of a customized Power BI report and dashboard solution to uniquely fit your scope
  • Maximum 10 visualizations / reports and maximum 10 filters
  • $950 USD first report, $600 USD for the following reports

At a glance