Microsoft 365 Security: 2-Week Implementation

Telelink Business Services EAD

Create and maintain a tightly secured Microsoft 365 environment, efficiently leveraging all its sophisticated built-in security features and deriving more value from your investments.

Microsoft 365 Security by Telelink Business Services helps organizations create and maintain a secure Microsoft 365 environment, carefully adjusted to their ways of working and set up to mitigate malicious intentions as they constantly adopt new techniques. Further, it enables better utilization of security investments and optimizing costs.


  • Reduce cyber risk by adopting security best practices and setting up your environment to mitigate threats
  • Improve security as your needs and environment capabilities evolve
  • Optimize Microsoft 365 usage and costs by leveraging the full benefits of your licenses
  • Improve your IT team’s efficiency — with security of your Microsoft 365 taken care of, they can focus on strategic digital initiatives to push your organization even further

  • How it works?

    1. Assess phase – We assess your specific business needs and requirements and evaluate the associated cyber risks through the setup of your Microsoft 365 environment
    2. Design phase – Findings let us prepare a detailed plan how to better protect your Microsoft 365 environment leveraging all applicable security features and reduce your costs with it
    3. Deploy phase – Once you approve the plan, we deploy it in your environment

    Estimate price could be adjusted based on the customer needs, profile complexity, number of users, etc.

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