IA-Connect JML Automation: 7 day Implementation

Ultima Business Solutions

Our 7-day Accelerator Pack has been developed to equip you with everything you need to begin automating your Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes

As employees move through their lifecycle, your organisation’s concern evolves from enabling productivity to protection of your company’s data. A poorly defined and badly executed Joiner process means your new employees are more likely to be disenfranchised with your business due to poor user experience. Equally, a Leaver process that isn’t executed in a timely and consistent manner could introduce significant risk to corporate data, particularly in today’s world of ‘access anywhere’ SaaS applications.

We've spent years automating Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes for our customers. Now, our patented SaaS platform, IA-Connect: JML Edition, provides you with an easy and robust automation solution - and we've integrated this with Microsoft Power Automate. JML workflows are built within Microsoft Power Automate, augmented by IA-Connect’s intuitive Inspector, and our tailored JML-focused actions make it easy to build and manage your automated processes. By automating your JML processes with IA-Connect, you can:

The Accelerator Pack has been designed to equip you with everything you need to propel your journey to an automated employee lifecycle.

Accelerator Pack Content

  • IA-Connect Licensing: Annual subscription for 2 bots. JML edition is based on a consumption model and so usage charges apply
  • Installation Services: We'll help you to install and configure IA-Connect: JML Edition
  • Self-Led Training: Access to our training portal with training video content
  • Technical Support Training: Half a day to provide an overview and deep dive of support related activities
  • Development Training: Two half days to augment the self-led training videos. These will include a deep dive into development techniques
  • Development Accelerator: We'll work with your teams to develop the first process. Includes up to 4 days of support from our consultants
  • Go-live Support: We'll be available to help you get your first process into production

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