Microsoft Teams Remote Change Management

Adoption engagement to ensure your organization is getting maximum value from your investment in Microsoft Teams

This 8-hour remote Change Management offering consists of up to 4 separate sessions:

Session 1) UC ACM Consultant will assess your current state, processes, user readiness, potential barriers to adoption, and goals with the change.

Session 2) UC ACM Consultant will provide an outline in presentation format reflecting your goals outlined in Session 1, to include objectives to meet those goals, and recommended step-by-step change strategy, recommended resources, training, awareness, communication, and teams required to execute on the plan. By the end of this engagement, your team will be equipped with the content to deliver the change strategy required for successful user adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Session 3) UC ACM Consultant will work with you and your change management team (stakeholders, champions/power users/trainers, managers) to execute the change strategy outlined in session 2.

Session 4) UC ACM Consultant will provide pre-, during, and post- communications, awareness messaging, remote training, and training content (to include recordings) to change team. Training to include Teams introduction, chats, channels, files, and meetings overview.

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