Power Pages: 2-wk Pilot Design Sprint


Learn how to discover, architect, design, develop and deploy a Power Pages workload with a collaborative Pilot/Proof of Concept (PoC)

Allow expert Power Platform, Power Pages and web development experts at Velrada to walk you through an approach to bringing a solution onto Power Pages. This is a lean 2-week process that allows for collaboration, learning, and outcomes with Power Pages. If you need a boost in confidence, design patterns, architectural principals, and to discover what you don't know - this is the engagement for you.

Power Pages is the choice for Customer portals, Vendor portals, Supplier portals and anything else needing a web application. It provides a controlled way of surfacing data, processes, and content within your Power Platform (and beyond) to external and internal users. They are responsive, meet modern web standards, and allow you to deploy a secure & scalable web application in a short space of time.

Our engagement has the following 5 activities & deliverables:

  1) Discovery Questionnaire - Pre-engagement exercise to collate information & discover the as-is and to-be processes to be uplifted into Power Platform workloads & surfaced via Power Pages.

  2) Design Session - Collaborative workshop on Day 1 to understand the desired outcomes & scope solution to the development timebox.

  3) Development - Implement the agreed scope of the lean Power Pages solution in your Microsoft tenant across 1-2 weeks with daily check-ins on progress.

  4) Showcase & Refinement - Final day walk-through of the solution. Showcase how it was built and how to use. Slight refinements where required to prepare for production pilot.

  5) Production Roadmap - Plan for how to validate whether the design sprint & pilot was successful. Capture requirements on what would make it production ready for the organisation.

At the end of this engagement, we would expect:

  • Your Power Platform CoE are more confident with Power Pages
  • Your internal developers understand key concepts of architecture, solution design, development, deployment and supporting of Power Pages solutions
  • You should be ready to get a real workload into production.

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