Process Intelligence: 2-wk Task Mining Assessment & PoC


Get started with Microsoft Process Intelligence tools for Task Mining. Perform an informative assessment and proof-of-concept with key processes and users.

Task Mining allows for the capturing of user interactions with systems, manual steps, and processes/workflows. It allows you to visualise the invisible with identifying task patterns, how employees perform tasks, and what workarounds are occurring. Through the insights from the Microsoft Process Intelligence features for Task Mining, you'll be able to identify opportunities for automation, gain efficiency, reduce cost, and be informed using analytics to optimise processes. The technology from Microsoft features AI-infused functionality to assist with insights and recommendations though its very own built-in Copilot.

Like any technology endeavour, it is important to start the right way to therefore deliver on your Hyper-Automation objective in your Digital Strategy. Velrada have key experts in process optimisation and the Microsoft technology to leverage a repeatable process to getting the most value out of Task Mining.

  1. Kickoff - Brief all stakeholders on the engagement, align on goals, and upskill on the technology.
  2. Prepare - Identify a target process/workflow to focus on for this engagement. Install the Microsoft Task Mining software on their PC.
  3. Perform - Brief the users on how to go about their daily processes using the Task Mining software. Leave them to run through several processes.
  4. Analyse - Use the Microsoft Process Intelligence tools to analyse all the data recorded from the users.
  5. Identify - Along the insights produced by the Microsoft Process Intelligence tools, curate recommendations and a roadmap on how the process can be optimised.

At the end of this engagement, your process SMEs should be able to see value in Task Mining and how the Power Platform. The recipe followed during this engagement can be run many times by your organisation to continue the pursuit of process optimisation & automation.

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