Office 365 Managed Services: 2 hours Assessment

Virtual Office Solutions

It can be a full-time job for your IT team to manage the latest Microsoft office 365 features, security tools, and updates. No worries our team of dedicated security specialists can help you in that.

Virtual Office Solutions has been in the business since 2009 of helping its clients of all sizes take maximum advantage of today’s Modern IT tools to build IT infrastructure and business process applications that in the past were only available in enterprise environments. We are experts in utilizing and building on top of the Microsoft Office 365 platform Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automation, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Ect… to build automation that makes your business processes more effective and efficient.

With Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services, your organization can easily configure deployment services and support, leveraging the Microsoft 365 Security Stack to maximize your defenses against cyber threats and data loss. This managed service offering will function as an extension of your team to deliver a seamless Microsoft Office 365 experience. Make the most of your Office 365 with the help of an experienced managed services partner on your side. It provides:  End-to-end Microsoft expertise  Managed support services & Office 365 system administration  Application configuration & deployment Benefits of Office 365 Managed Services:  Full visibility into the Microsoft 365 toolset  Security monitoring and proactive threat response  Cost savings with customized licensing  Audit checks & assessments that help address cyber insurance requirements & lower costs

Initial Consultation- Fee (2 hours Free) During this time, we will learn about your needs and requirements your requirements as well as exchange ideas on how to best solve your business process problems.

VOS will Propose Concepts of Architecture.

Discovery- Fee If after our initial consultation both parties agree that there is an opportunity to reduce cost and or improve efficiencies via process automation both parties will assign personnel to work together to do a deeper dive to gather information about the current process and expected outcomes to develop a Statement of Work (SOW). Should a client decide to proceed, the discovery cost will be reduced from the project cost.

Statement of Work (SOW)- Fee (No Charge) Upon completion of the discovery process Virtual Office Solutions team will develop a statement of work to include stated objectives, Timelines, Costs, and Concepts that are contemplated by VOS to include in the project.

Project Agreement Upon approval of SOW VOS will provide the client with an agreement to include SOW for signature. A 50% deposit will be required to start the project.

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