On-Call 365 Solution: Custom implementation


Modernize, automate, and digitalize on-call processes and communications by integrating Office 365 and the Power Platform.

The VNEXT On-call 365 solution is a custom solution that combines Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Shifts, Power Automate, SharePoint, and can be integrated with other Office 365 Applications or workloads.

General Features of the Solution:

  • Integrated with Microsoft Shifts and with multiple data sources in the Microsoft 365 environment
  • On-call shifts monitoring and scheduling
  • Access to real time availabilities and contact information to reach On-call employees easily
  • Mobile App and Web App accessible everywhere, even from Teams
  • Eliminate the manual tasks involved for administrative staff for creating or updating the on-call list

Benefits of the solution:

  • Automate and modernize employees on-call processes and help them manage communications and access to other applications within Microsoft Teams.
  • Provide digital capabilities to your business to promote continuity and stability while keeping on-call employees and stakeholders connected and secured
  • Opportunity to leverage and make use of your existing licensing investment and Office 365 workloads.
  • Respond to evolving conditions faster with coordinated information sharing and secure communication within Teams.
  • Automate and modernize internal processes to increase productivity.
  • Customizable and built based on specific needs for each organization.
  • Work smarter and more efficiently by automating workflows

We’ll help you deploy and configure a pre-built and customized solution based that leverage your existing Office 365 and Power Platform licensing, and will be tailored to your specific business needs.

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