Tableau to PowerBI Converter

Wavicle Data Solutions

Wavicle has developed a solution to analyze and convert Tableau implementations through an automated process into Power BI deployments.

Many current Tableau customers are looking for alternatives due to changes in pricing and uncertainty of future Tableau roadmap due to Salesforce acquisition. To help our customers, as a Microsoft Data & Analytics Solution Partner, we developed a conversion process to help migrate from Tableau to Power BI. The process contains two key components, the Analyzer and the Converter. Our Analyzer component reads the Tableau environment and determines how many dashboards, workbooks, etc, exist, and creates an output that can be converted into Power BI objects. The Analyzer produces a report of all the objects to understand scope of conversion, and complexity of discrete elements. The Analyzer also produces analytics on dashboards to determine if there are duplicates, or if different dashboards contain the same visualizations, how often they are utilized, and the complexity. This allows Wavicle and customer to review actual scope and cost. The Converter component utilizes the analyzer output to transform data and objects for consumption by Power BI. The cost of the conversion, and final implementation on Power BI is fixed price based on the number of dashboards and workbooks and their complexity index. The pricing is transparent and we do share our complexity/cost model, along with all the outputs of the Analyzer process. We run the Analyzer process for free in order to produce that transparency.

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