Microsoft Entra Cloud Permissions Risk Check: 15-Days Workshop

Wipro Ltd

Wipro's Entra cloud permission workshop to help enterprises rapidly enable the service with Azure, and multi-cloud providers to discover privilege permission risks associated with identities

In this digital era, most of the organizations are dealing with one or more cloud service providers such as Azure and multi-cloud. to drive the digital transformation. Access to the cloud resources are typically done through roles and permissions. Over the time, organizations administrators and other privilege users (human and non-human accounts) accumulate thousands of permissions to manage the cloud resources. However the statistics show less than 1 percent of the given permissions are mostly used and remaining privileged permissions are unused but kept open for user access.
These enormous unused privilege permissions are called "Access Creep", and Microsoft Entra permissions management has the intelligent to bring these unused permissions against each user and define the Creep index to easily identify the risky users in the organization.

To quickly bring the visibility of the permission risks associated with the cloud providers and easily identify risky users, Wipro has developed 15 days workshop to rapidly deploy Microsoft Entra Permissions Mgmt solution and configure the Cloud providers to perform the discovery of permission risks associated with these hyperscalers, and provide various reports and data points to identify the gaps and areas of improvements along with mitigation steps.
This workshop can be done with the Microsoft Entra Permissions mgmt. trial license. Microsoft Entra is part of Microsoft 365 family and this will help drive the adoption of the solution. Also only Read-Only accounts are leveraged.

In this workshop, Wipro will assess organization's cloud providers such as Azure and multi-cloud infrastructure entitlement permissions posture and recommend controls to significantly reduce privilege risks by leveraging Microsoft Entra Permissions Mgmt solution's real-time behavioral analytics and right sizing the permissions through Just-Enough-Privilege (JEP) controls to enforce zero trust security.

Scope of the workshop:

1. Discover excessive/unused permissions risks in your organization's cloud providers Azure and multi-cloud providers
2. Analyze the permissions risk , identify gaps, and recommend the remediation steps

Weekly Agenda:
Week 1: Discover the existing Permissions Mgmt processes for Azure and multi-cloud providers. Enable Microsoft Entra Permissions service and configure the cloud providers.
Week 2: Discovery of cloud identities and their associated permissions usage, and analyze the risks, Generate reports and recommendations.
Week 3: Prepare the final report with recommendations and next steps. Showcase the Microsoft Entra permissions mgmt. capabilities. Present the workshop results/outcome and discuss the next steps with stakeholders. Decommission the configuration.

Key outcomes:

1. Automated permissions discovery to bring excessive/unused permissions with risky users list
2. Permission Usage analysis
3. Over provisioned, Unused/Stale permissions visibility

Wipro also provides implementation/remediation services to develop the proper cloud RBAC model and mitigate existing permissions risks through right sizing and JEP control implementation activities through consulting services.

Note: Price and duration may vary if multi-cloud providers are in scope.
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