Driving Frontline Employee Experience: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Withum Digital

Improve productivity. Reduce management costs. Empower your frontline workers with Microsoft Teams and Viva

Make the most of your investment in Microsoft 365 and enable frontline workers to build new skills and engage in an inclusive company culture.

Leveraging tools designed to help them connect, engage, learn, and grow – our 2-week proof of concept will get you on the path to ensure every employee feels included in your organization’s purpose. This will enable you to increase customer satisfaction, improve retention rates, and nurture employee well-being by:

  • Building communities and encouraging company-wide dialogue
  • Accelerating onboarding and upskilling
  • Supporting inclusion and wellbeing

This proof of concept includes:

  • Discovery of common high-impact use cases and opportunity to create a frontend for frontline workers using Microsoft Teams
  • Creation of a rapid proof of concept demonstrating the capability of the Microsoft 365 and Teams platform and integration to the backend system with point applications to address business needs
  • Creation of a roadmap for successful deployment and immediate impact

With this engagement, we will work together to help you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 licensing and:

  • Connect frontline workers with the right people, tools, and knowledge to get their job done
  • Empower frontline workers to build new skills and engage in an inclusive company environment​
  • Automate processes with connected digital workflows, creating a unified platform for your workforce
  • Secure your business with built-in security and compliance across endpoints and devices​

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