Wragby Business Process Automation: 1-month Implementation

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

Use low-code solutions to build custom apps and automate manual workflows.

With cloud migration, many organizations are deploying mobile and tablet-based applications to help improve customer service, knowledge management, and employee engagement. The fact is, no matter how innovative, proactive, and agile your organization is, chances are it will still struggle to rapidly solve every single business problem across the enterprise, as pro-dev talent is scarce and expensive. That is where low-code and no-code tools like the Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate come in.

Features • App creation, running and sharing. • Drag and drop functionality. • Integration with other Microsoft products. • Custom API’s. • Collaboration support. • Connected to the cloud.

Business Outcomes • Increase growth and profitability by adopting modern technology. • Save time by automating tasks and effort. • Anticipate and avoid maintenance-related downtime. • Scale to support growing user demand and complexities. • Deliver stable, scalable, and secure enterprise platforms and solutions to provide superior products for your customers. • Deliver your products and services on time and on target.

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