Analyze data using Power BI: 3-week implementation

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

Carry out detailed analysis of your company data which enables you to make more informed business decisions using Microsoft PowerBI for extraction from varied live sources, visualization & predictions


  • The Data Analytics Solution is built on PowerBI and helps C-execs visualize their entire company performance in real-time from any device.

  • This enables them to use the insights derived from the analysis to make quick and informed decisions that affect the bottom line positively.

  • This solution leverages a PowerBI feature that helps executives run scenario analysis using different factors to make predictions and visualize the effect of these changes on the company performance.

  • This is an implementation solution that cuts across various industries like retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, human resources, etc.

*It requires a PowerBI license and a three-week implementation period that includes envisioning, building reports and dashboards to meet requirements.

  • There will also be a knowledge transfer session for selected administrators to help familiarize them with the deployed solution.

  • The number of PowerBI licenses and number of reports will be key determinants of the final cost.

  • Implementation + Knowledge transfer - $8,500 for 15 days

  • License Cost - $120/ user

  • PowerBI Training cost - $500/head

  • Support (break & Fix, business days and hours) - $150/ month

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