Comprehensive User Adoption Program for Microsoft Planner

XRM Vision

User Adoption Program for Microsoft Planner: Initial training, regular support sessions, structured feedback.

In an era where maximizing the utility of digital tools is crucial, our User Adoption Program is specifically designed to optimize the use of Microsoft Planner within your organization. This service extends over a six-month period, ensuring not only the deployment but also the effective and sustainable adoption of Microsoft Planner licenses across your teams.

Phase 1: Intensive Key User Training Targeted Training for Key Users: We begin by working intensively with a select group of key users—those who will champion the use of Microsoft Planner within your organization. This small group receives detailed training on both the basic and functionalities of Planner. Knowledge Transfer: These key users are then equipped and encouraged to pass on their knowledge and insights to their colleagues, fostering a decentralized yet effective training environment.

Phase 2: Regular Engagement and Support

  • Scheduled Meetings: The adoption process is supported by regular meetings, initially weekly and later bi-weekly, to ensure continuous engagement and address any arising challenges. These meetings serve to keep the core team and key users aligned and motivated.
  • Support and Q&A Sessions: Regular sessions are held to answer queries from users, ensuring they have the necessary support to overcome any obstacles to using Planner effectively.
  • Collection of Use Cases: We support the structured collection and documentation of use cases and experiences. This helps in refining the application of Planner within your business and shares successful practices across the organization.

Phase 3: Community Building and Continuous Improvement User Community: An integral part of our program is building a robust user community that supports ongoing learning and the exchange of best practices. Feedback and Iteration: Regular feedback mechanisms are established to monitor the use of Microsoft Planner and to continuously adapt and improve its usage based on real-world experiences within your organization.

Program Benefits

  • Maximized Tool Utilization: Ensure that every assigned license for Microsoft Planner is being utilized to its fullest potential, thus maximizing your investment.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency: With structured support and continuous improvement, Microsoft Planner becomes a catalyst for enhanced collaboration and increased operational efficiency within your teams.
  • Sustainable Adoption: Through this comprehensive program, we guarantee not just the adoption but the sustained and effective use of Microsoft Planner, driving long-term benefits for your organization.

Duration and Pricing The duration of the User Adoption Program is typically six months, providing ample time to fully integrate Microsoft Planner into your daily workflows and ensure that it delivers significant value. Pricing starts at $50,000. Contact us for pricing details and to discuss how this program can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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