Yorktel Teams Voice Connector: 10-Week Imp.

York Telecom Corp

Direct Routing provides a full enterprise calling experience for Microsoft 365 users in Microsoft Teams on a global scale.

Yorktel Teams Voice Connector provides a full enterprise calling experience for Microsoft 365 users in Microsoft Teams Calling on a global scale: Week 1: Use Case Development - Yorktel will perform direct stakeholder interviews with business leaders, end-users, and technical managers to assess and evaluate business and technical requirements. The use cases will demonstrate collaboration in previously identified groups & users. Week 2: Architecture Review - The engagement team will analyze existing UC infrastructure in order to baseline the environment along with identifying any specific needs and problem areas. This baseline will be used as inputs for the Recommendations. Week 3: End User Experience Assessment - How do I join, How do I get support for issues with Microsoft Teams Calling when doing PSTN calls. Week 4: Consumption Model Assessment - The engagement team will use information gathered during the requirements capture section, consider the client’s security policies and cost implications to make recommendations on an appropriate consumption level. Week 5: Recommendations - Yorktel will develop a strategic document for tighter integration of the client’s collaboration and communication platforms and layout a roadmap that meets the client’s identified user experience as well as forward-looking user requirements. This section will include high-level reference architecture diagrams for the recommended future environment. Week 6-9: Implementation - Yorktel will use the Architecture Review and Recommendations to develop a high-level Execution Strategy considering IT strategy, impact to the production collaboration environment, change control processes and end-user impact. Yorktel will them process to implement the solution. Week 10: Feedback and Migration to Day-2 Support - Yorktel will review milestones and capture overall project feedback. The customer will then be transitioned to Day-2 support.

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