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Campaign Optimization For Marketing


Increase your conversions by optimzing your marketing campaigns using preditive analytics.

Marketing campaigns are not only about what you say, but also when you say it. Effective campaigns driven by advanced analytics, systematically test and learn delivery timing to optimize click through rates and conversion rates.

The Microsoft Marketing Campaign Optimization solution is a combination of a Machine learning prediction model and an interactive visualization tool, PowerBI.

Marketing Campaign Optimization provides organizations:

  1. Intelligent insights allowing you to make the right decisions
    Campaign managers can quickly determine which leads to target

  2. Determine the most optimal channel - SMS, Cold Call or Email per lead
    Marketers can discover the optimum timing for distribution and direct customer contact

  3. Bring Analytics where your data resides
    Highly scalable solution leveraging where your data resides without having to move or worry about data security and compliance.

The solution is available on SQL Server 2016 with R Services and HDInsight with Spark clusters.p>

For technical details, see solution template's Cortana Intelligence Gallery page