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Predicting Length of Stay in Hospitals


Accurately predict patient length of stay to staff your hospitals efficiently.

By predicting the Length Of Stay (LOS) accurately, hospital administration staff can manage their staffing needs efficiently. This solution can be configured to use your own data to model the predicted LOS.

Hospital Length of Stay solution provides healthcare organizations:

  1. Intelligent insights allowing you to make the right decisions
    Hospital admin staff can quickly determine which hospitals or units need resources and take a more data driven approach to mananage the staffing

  2. Determine the units or wards that requrie assistance
    The Care Line Managers are able to see the wards and determine accurately the discharge days and manage the staffing needs

  3. Bring Analytics where your data resides
    Highly scalable solution leveraging where your data resides without having to move or worry about data security and compliance.

The solution is built using SQL Server 2016 with R Services

For technical details, see solution template's Cortana Intelligence Gallery page